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Back to work with a vengeance + Hatena Star confirm() tempfix

I tackled the pending work (for my job) with a firey passion today and got a ton of stuff done. It felt good and I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. But for the rest of the day, I didn't really do too much.

Hatena Star

There may be some hope on the horizon to get Hatena Star temporarily fixed in Chrome by way of Origin Trials.

The need for this was quickly brought up on StackOverflow, with some heated answers popping up at how quickly this was rolled out with no advance warning for developers (such as deprecation warnings)

Here is the golden ticket:

"Trial for Disable Different Origin Subframe Dialog Suppression"

Begining in M92, Chrome blocks different origin subframes from triggering JavaScript dialogs. Enrolling an iframe'd orign in this origin trial will allow the dialogs.

id:motemen, this is for you -- you should be able to sign up and use it to tempfix Hatena Star for now: