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Sudo Haiku

At long last, I've finally released my newest creation: Sudo Haiku! It's meant to be a successor to Hatena Haiku, Hatena's mini-blog service that was closed several years ago, and is my second service acting as a revival of a closed Hatena service, a tradition which I may continue.



Before I go any further, I'd like to make a mention of something that I find important. I've made the choice to not advertise or promote this service to an Western audience, despite being a Westerner myself. This is mostly because I think it would feel uncomfortable if a lot of English speakers dropped in on the party. Imagine if you were in a place where most of the people around you were speaking a language you didn't understand. 

(I understand that you might want to try something new I've made if you enjoy Sudomemo, but please be respectful)


Sudo Haiku has many features and is integrated with Hatena in many ways! Here's a list of some of the things it has.

  • Fully responsive design
  • Entirely localized into Japanese (Japanese is the default language)
  • Hatena Star with quote functionality on both desktop and mobile
  • Formatted text, embedding of YouTube videos, Hatena Notation support, and many other features. I will continue to improve these.
  • Automatic Fotolife uploads
  • Google Translate integration
  • Hatena Blog Tags integration
  • Notifications including those from Hatena (stars, etc.)

I will continue to improve these to make it the best that I can!

Who's on?

169 people have joined and 831 posts have been made in the 2-3 days the site has been public. Wow! It's wonderful to see all my friends coming back together again. I will do my best to continue making it better. 


Thank You

Thanks to

  • rakujira helped with the initial boilerplate, including the initial editor + autotransforms, and notification formatting back in early 2019. It was a strong start and I'm very grateful.
  • id:Akkiesoft helped with localization and making sure everything was correctly displaying in Japanese
  • id:campanella-g helped me with testing during the late stages of development

Finally, thank you to all Hatena Haiku (and Sudo Haiku) members for your amazing response. I look forward to getting to know everybody better and I look forward to serving you in the future.

"Everybody Haiku!" f:id:austinburk:20210616095448p:plain