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Another thing on the pile: Backyard Hatena podcast archive/transcriptions

I decided that I'd try to archive the Backyard Hatena podcast and get transcriptions made up for it. I've only got one transcription "done" and that was with something called Sonix, which seems capable, but also rather expensive considering that I have a budget of roughly zero at present.

Who knows, maybe I can convince them to give me a discount or something haha. I'll figure something out because I really want to know what goes on in the back catalogue of episodes/any new ones that come out.

It does have a pretty decent UI for editing and review

See these entries for other Hatena-related things that I've been working on archiving:

If anyone wants to help with fixing the transcription(s), feel free to submit a PR. I'd prefer to have the initial run done by machine for sake of consistency, and revisions done by human after that.