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Spent seven hours fixing things up

Sudo Haiku

An official post about the site will be coming soon, please be patient :)

Hatena Star

Hatena Star seems to verify that a page contains quoted text if it's non-ASCII and is not on an HTTP url (e.g https://). No clue why, but I had to redo a large portion of the backend code to make it present the text to Hatena Star to make it work. It works now. It took seven hours because the changes necessitated other changes in other places. I'm glad I did it though, because I was procrastinating a little bit on it.


I had groceries delivered today. I purchased many cans of soup, some milk, bread, ham and cheese, and some noodles.


I'm really happy about the positive response Sudo Haiku has received. I can't wait to finish my blog post about the site. Over 105 people have joined it so far. It feels good to finally have people enjoy something new I've made.

Picked up my 3DS but I need to clean


I set a goal for myself. I am going to clean up my room and make sure the clothes and stuff are folded and put away. 



Web development

I opened up a demo of the site and was surprised when many people came along. I didn't expect there to be a lot of people because I only posted about it in a small Discord group. That's okay, though, it's very encouraging. There's one issue that's unresolved and that's a matter of branding which isn't yet complete. Hopefully that can be resolved soon.

I am going to experiment with the Google Translate API soon.

It feels nice that people seem to like the site. But I'm worried that there will be a missing feature when it opens officially and that people will change their minds. So I must do my best to make sure I do a good job.


I didn't sleep well last night, but it was because I felt kinda lonely again. I was doing very well between late April and mid-May, but since my mower got stolen I've been feeling more insecure and maybe a little depressed.


I'm going to start attending in person services at church again (I'm planning to visit a new church soon) and I think that will help me reconnect and maybe meet some new people.


I'm going to  start trying to learn Japanese again. I'm going to try to get better at reading the non-kanji characters first. I would appreciate any support I can get :)

Power outages and CSS animations

Hatena Star


My Hatena Star component looks a lot better now. It took a lot of work to make it work this nicely. It's also a lot faster than HatenaStar.js. That said, I may rewrite the entire thing again at some point to make it cleaner and more reusable.


The power keeps going out. There is a large storm and it's raining hard. I really enjoy storms (especially thunderstorms), but I prefer to keep electricity during them.


My grass is now overgrown. I am losing hope that my mower will be recovered. I saved for a long time to get it. I may make a sign, reading PLEASE RETURN MY MOWER, and place it in my front yard.

Pop Happiness and PHP Girl


I was trying to find licensing information for f:id:austinburk:20210611051702p:plain and found that Fontworks listed a particular piece of manga in their "real-world usage" section that caught my eye.

The cover page mentions id:mackerelio (a monitoring platform operated by Hatena) and it's referenced in the table of contents (this is what caught my attention). In the book sample on Amazon, there seems to be representative characters for different web technologies.


I can't really read the descriptions in the book, so I decided to come up with my own ideas for what they're like.

  • HTML Girl wears a white dress and has blue hair. (Without styling, many default browser styles will show things like links in blue). She can talk for hours about literally anything to literally anyone who will listen.
  • CSS Girl is dressed up very nicely and has all sorts of frills and accessories. She's always trying to improve her looks and spends hours reading through fashion catalogs such as Codrops.
  • I love JavaScript Girl. She knows she's hot stuff because she makes everything work behind the scenes. She's reliable, focused, and rather single-minded, but she'll get really mad at you if you make a Promise and don't keep it. Her hair has the colors of Netscape Navigator -- is this a callback to how JavaScript was initially created by Brendan Eich when he was working with Netscape in the 90s?


  • I'm projecting my feelings for PHP onto PHP Girl. JS Girl makes things work on the frontend, but without PHP Girl, nothing works at all. She doesn't have a mind for aesthetics or presentation -- in fact, she'd rather dispense with those things -- and people judge her unfairly for it. She works hard all day, and she is far more capable than people take her for. Sometimes her home is super clean, and sometimes she's stepping around piles of laundry to get from the kitchen to her little office space to get back to work. She's lonely.

Web Design

I've really started to love doing web design things, more than ever before. If only I could get paid for this stuff, haha. But life seems to have me stuck where I am. I want to make things that people enjoy, things that bring people together. One of the things I love doing is taking something that exists and reimagining it in an all-new way. I wonder what it'd be like to work at a place like Hatena? The only way they'd hire me is if my usefulness and reliability far outweighed the detriment of my less-than-stellar handle on the Japanese language. Nihongo ga hanasemasen. Unfortunately there's no way to prove that... unless....?


I am lonely again. I search for people in places with no people. Empty parks, empty fields, standing by the river watching the ducks, there's nobody around. Hopefully more people will get vaccinated soon.


My stolen mower has not been recovered.


I had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast.

Sat in my chair writing code most of the day


I did a lot of cleanup and whatnot, and added some basic automatic theming. I set up an image proxy in order to safely let people include external images.


I fixed various issues with uploading to Fotolife

I fixed timeago with an ugly nasty hack that I hate but now it shows properly in Japanese.

I added infinite scrollback.

I fixed an issue with the Hatena Blog Tag integration.

I fixed a lot of layout issues.

I fixed a race condition involving the entry feed load method (while adding infinite scrollback)

Once again, I completely reimplemented the Hatena Star widget. Unfortunately Hatena does not seem keen to accept my CSS to fix the mobile star add widget, so it's still broken on mobile if you want to add a purple star.

First one is with my CSS changes, second one is without.

f:id:austinburk:20210610142051p:plain fixes · GitHub



Someone came to my door trying to sell me books. Something about making the world a better place and "donating to the community", but I think he was just trying to clear out a bunch of old books of his. It was awkward.


I forgot to eat lunch and dinner again.


I made my bed, so at least that's something. I also washed a lot of dishes and put them away.


I am very worried that people will not like the new site. I just want to make a place where people can feel at home.