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Entries from 2018-11-01 to 1 month

I got the last 8TB drives that I needed for the Flipnote Hatena archive!

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a lovely time with my family. I don't really do Black Friday shopping, but I did make one stop: I now have the final 3 8TB drives that I need to build a second, actually redundant RAID array to copy the Flipnotes…

I got my Japanese DSi with UGOMEMO-V1

This has the very first public version of Flipnote Studio on it.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Sudomemo Daily Draw!

Sunday will be the first Sudomemo Daily Draw. This daily event, open to anyone from Hatena or Sudomemo, is meant to be a fun way to encourage artists to try new ideas, and see other people's interpretations of the Daily Topic! I'm looking …