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Introducing my Hatena Investor Relations Media Archive

I'm starting to run out of "easy" Hatena-related things to archive, so I've started digging into more things that I feel I haven't put enough focus on. While I'm struggling to understand the actual content of these meetings, I've started to archive Hatena's IR documents and media. I'm hoping to get these machine-captioned so that I can review them, as well as have the PDFs properly OCR'd so that I can translate them.

Hatena Investor Relations Media archive

Anyway, there it is -- At some point I'll try to add some automation so that I don't have to manually keep it up to date.

All the video assets are stored in Git LFS, similiar to what I do for hatena-app-archive.

I'm doing something a bit different here in that I've downloaded HTML from slide decks as well to try to preserve the historical context of presentations. (But I haven't rewritten it for offline viewing or anything).

At some point I'll do more with it, but I just wanted to make sure I had that base covered.


My motivation here that there's large parts of Hatena's business that I don't really have an adequate understanding of. I have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of some parts, but it's very lacking in other parts, especially where the documentation is in kanji-heavy Japanese in places where I can't easily use machine translation (PDFs, the Backyard Hatena podcast, etc)

Additionally, Hatena's stock (TYO: 3930) seems to have hit a record low of 1000 JPY today. I want to better understand why, and to gain that understanding, I need to vastly improve my understanding of the company's financials.

I still dream that one day I'll be able to work for Hatena, but unfortunately, that door still seems to be closed to me due to my location and my inadequate understanding of the Japanese language. (I am still practicing daily, but my motivation suffers from having no real pressing reason to do so.)