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Introducing my Hatena App Archive

I've been working for a few years on creating an archive of every version of every Android app Hatena has created. I am still missing some versions as I was not able to get them into my Google Play library, but it's fairly complete.

Versions  Package ID

I am missing several versions of B!KUMAガールズ but I believe I have all of the rest.

I also have several apps under the namespace; I don't really know if I should include them or remove them, but I have them anyway. I haven't been able to find out if they were made at Hatena or not.


Eventually I want to archive all versions of Hatena Firefox extensions and Chrome extensions, but I'm struggling a bit to properly organize and version them; for Firefox, there doesn't seem to be a proper namespace or app id system that I can pull from the .xpi; for Chrome, .crx seems to be a custom .zip format that takes a lot of extra work to pull an extension ID from.

Finally, I have had no luck getting copies of .ipa files for the Hatena iOS apps, e.g. LGTM, Blog, Bookmark, etc. I might be able to do so eventually, but I'm not super hopeful at present.