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VICTORY! The blocking of cross-origin iframe dialogs has been rolled back until at least 2022!

This entry is for August 4th, 2021


I'm super-delighted to say that (along with other people in the industry) we've been able to get the Chromium team to delay the changes for native dialogs from cross-origin iframes until at least January of 2022!

Thanks everyone for the feedback. We have decided to postpone this deprecation until at least January 2022 to give us time to do more outreach and propose alternatives to sites that rely on this behavior, and to give website owners more time to explore alternatives.

We will provide an update once we have a set milestone/date to re-enable the deprecation.

 This means that Hatena Star will start working again! (or continue, as this news came a few days after they rolled it back temporarily). I feel really proud because I put a lot of time into commenting on these threads and such and feel like I (along with several others) made a bit of a difference.


 I mowed my lawn, but there's lots of grass clippings. I'm still broken inside about how someone stole Vinnie.






Great news about my roof - my dad decided to take a second look at it and found that the water ingress would be a lot easier to fix than the $1500 USD I was expecting to have to pay. All in all, it cost about $20-30 to get sorted out. I'm really, really grateful because this takes a lot of stress off my mind.