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Austin Burk's journal, where I share little snippets of my writing, code, and dreams.

Efficient day at work, with some bird-spotting.

Entry for August 6th, 2021


I had a dream where I convinced my dad to allow me to go with him to Japan along with another friend. So we all got on motorcycles and, after a lot of preparation, drove for a while until we reached the parking lot where we were waiting for someone to come along to take our stuff to the airport while we went separately, I'm not sure why this was the case but they never showed up. Eventually I fell asleep inside of the dream and woke up to see them leaving without me. Then I woke up in real life.


My parent's cat, Tanner, was sleeping next to me.


Morning before work


I put up my feet and Tanner decided to join me. My parents have a lovely porch area, so I sat out there for a little while.


I set up my laptop and did remote work. The environment was much nicer than my home, so things were completed much more efficiently. I also saw some birds outside.