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A little bit more from Sky: Children of the Light

September 14th, 2021


Been having a lovely time with the game that my friend introduced me too. Here's some screenshots...

Crash-landing in the sand.. Ackpth! Blecth!



Dark beasts flying through the air


I have this song that I came up with a while ago, and this game inspired me a bit to write a slightly different version that I think fits with the ethos of the game. The original song was about two people who are best friends in the realm of dreams but cannot remember each others names to find each other in real life. (No, it's not inspired by Your Name)

‪take my hand‬
‪hold me tight‬
‪fly with me under the moonlight‬
‪dream with me of what could be‬
‪adventure, treasure, mystery ‬