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Picked up my 3DS but I need to clean


I set a goal for myself. I am going to clean up my room and make sure the clothes and stuff are folded and put away. 



Web development

I opened up a demo of the site and was surprised when many people came along. I didn't expect there to be a lot of people because I only posted about it in a small Discord group. That's okay, though, it's very encouraging. There's one issue that's unresolved and that's a matter of branding which isn't yet complete. Hopefully that can be resolved soon.

I am going to experiment with the Google Translate API soon.

It feels nice that people seem to like the site. But I'm worried that there will be a missing feature when it opens officially and that people will change their minds. So I must do my best to make sure I do a good job.


I didn't sleep well last night, but it was because I felt kinda lonely again. I was doing very well between late April and mid-May, but since my mower got stolen I've been feeling more insecure and maybe a little depressed.


I'm going to start attending in person services at church again (I'm planning to visit a new church soon) and I think that will help me reconnect and maybe meet some new people.


I'm going to  start trying to learn Japanese again. I'm going to try to get better at reading the non-kanji characters first. I would appreciate any support I can get :)