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Spent seven hours fixing things up

Sudo Haiku

An official post about the site will be coming soon, please be patient :)

Hatena Star

Hatena Star seems to verify that a page contains quoted text if it's non-ASCII and is not on an HTTP url (e.g https://). No clue why, but I had to redo a large portion of the backend code to make it present the text to Hatena Star to make it work. It works now. It took seven hours because the changes necessitated other changes in other places. I'm glad I did it though, because I was procrastinating a little bit on it.


I had groceries delivered today. I purchased many cans of soup, some milk, bread, ham and cheese, and some noodles.


I'm really happy about the positive response Sudo Haiku has received. I can't wait to finish my blog post about the site. Over 105 people have joined it so far. It feels good to finally have people enjoy something new I've made.