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A new experience with copyright (著作権と新しい経験)

This article will be translated into Japanese tomorrow. 

On the website I run, called Sudomemo, people post Flipbook animations, called Flipnotes, from their Nintendo DSis. Sometimes people have issues with others drawing things like them, citing them as "stolen":
"Person x drew my character without my permission/Person x is drawing like me, they are stealing my art style"

I have recently started to reply to such complaints with this:
"Thank you for your report. If you are concerned with a copyright violation, please file a DMCA takedown letter."

Most of the time, people do not continue after this, as they either won't take the time to do so, or they cannot provide examples of matching artwork. Today, someone did indeed copy art from an artist on the Internet. Upon receiving a complaint from the original artist, I advised that they file a takedown notice, which they did. 

So, I am now working on creating a DMCA takedown system. I will redirect the Flipnote to a separate page containing the DMCA letter with redacted contact information. I will also submit the letter to ChillingEffects.

What an interesting day.

Thank you for reading!