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The Daily Draw is struggling...

I'm a bit disappointed about how the Sudomemo Daily Draw has somewhat faded so far.

I was hoping to bank on the nostalgia factor to attract old Hatena users from the days of Flipnote (うごメモ), but that doesn't seem to have worked too well.

I do seem to be receiving a number of new followers from Japan each day, though I have received no entries from the new subscribers. (Currently: 172 subscribers)

The concept seems pretty simple: a daily drawing prompt, meant to be done as a quick doodle. The winner gets a number of Hatena Stars, gets featured, and gets a Bookmark!

I think it might be popular if Hatena users were interested. I may need to change how I write the articles to indicate that it is indeed open to anyone at all with a Hatena account.

I'm going to keep going. I don't give up on things easily, since good things take hard work to accomplish.