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Groceries, emotions, and wasted time... mostly

(September 12th, 2021)


I had some groceries delivered.

I got eggs and bacon and my favorite kind of popsicle and some frozens and candy and a rotisserie chicken and some popcorn and a few other things.



It's been a little while since this happened, but I felt really, really down due to loneliness.

It's left me feeling kinda of confused and thinking about things like my unproductive attempts to solve the loneliness, if the baseline of my moral character is good or not, what I need vs what I want, and the hows and ifs of how my struggles affect the people around me.

Wasted time

I spent a lot of my time watching movies and doing unproductive things. I did do a little bit of housecleaning here and there but I got tired.


Been talking more with that old friend that I mentioned before. A lot more, haha. It's helped redeem the day, honestly. They even drew something for me and it's adorable! 🤎
(Not sharing the art here because I don't want to expose their identity, but it's super cute and includes my Chocoblight character)