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Mixed day of success and disappointment, also got my mom a plant


This morning I woke up bright and early, drove over to Horrocks and got myself some breakfast. I also decided to buy a plant as a gift for my mom, so I took it over there!


We potted it together and talked about various things. :)

Also got to see the family cat:


(He didn't want to hold still for the camera.)

I also spent some time talking about social/cultural/faith issues with my mom and some more time talking seismic waves and faith issues with my dad. He recorded a recent earthquake in Alaska, magnitude 8.2 (really big!)


He also took the seismic data and applied a transform to bring it up to the audible range. You can listen to it here:

In case that link dies...

I highly advise listening to it on a device that can produce a good bass response, or else you won't hear it the low rumbling. This is the seismic data, each number multiplied by 448 to bring it into the audio range that we can hear.

This hissing/water noises are actually cars on the expressway a few miles away from the seismometer.


My day was going to be super productive, or so I thought. But for some reason my emotions took a downturn. I felt all lonely and stuff until one of my closest friends messaged me and we talked a bunch. I also ordered groceries, so that's okay. But it wasn't very productive.


Tomorrow I'm going to visit a new church. It's been a long time since I went to one physically. But I need fellowship. And I'm hoping to make some friends. Entertaining the faint hope that maybe I'll meet someone to make my life a lot less lonely.