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Austin Burk's journal, where I share little snippets of my writing, code, and dreams.

A story of two dreamers

A young man began having a dream on a dark, cold winter night. In it, he met a girl with no name, who brought him along on a wonderful adventure through places unexplored and paths uncharted within the dream realm.


He did not know her name, but in a way only possible within the world of slumber, their characters and personalities could be vocalized in a way that could not be done in the waking world.


He fell in love with her, and her with him. She was always there when he slept, and he was always there when she slept. Somehow, he knew that she was real.


One lonely night, the young man couldn't sleep. Yearning for his love of dreamland, he reached harder than he had ever done before to try to find her name, but instead found a strange melody in his mind. 


He slept a dreamless sleep, peacefully.

He awoke from his sleep, sorrowful.


It was at that moment of awakening that he understood that the strange, quirky tune, with a inconsistent yet haunting rhythm, was a shallow echo of the dream-name that encompassed her whole being. The song needed his words to make it complete. 



take my hand

hold me tight

sit with me in the moonlight

dream with me of what could be

adventure, treasure, mystery 

and then one day

all will change

I'll meet you again

and you'll know me from your dreaming-time

and I'll know you from mine

on that day

it shall be clear

our unsolved mystery 

my dream come true is to know your name

and for you to know of mine



The young woman sat up with a start, her eyes wide open.

"What?" she breathed.


The words echoed through her mind, over and over, never fading. It felt like a poem, and the meter felt strange to her. The voice was unmistakably his. The words sounded like song, but were missing something more. 


Taking out a pencil, she marked down a few chords on a slip of paper, singing the words to herself as her heart fluttered every time a verse crossed her lips.