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Initial explorations into Minecraft plugin development

Entry for August 24th, 2021

I spent a while digging through information on developing Minecraft plugins. There's a plugin that used to work on older versions of Minecraft that would cause minecarts to load chunks as they traveled, allowing for unattended minecart travel across long distances. However, due to changes in certain event hooks that it used, it no longer works. In particular, the ChunkUnloadEvent is no longer cancellable -- there's some new system of specifying chunks to load where you register a chunk to be kept in memory.

I'm not quite sure how to recreate the plugin -- it's closed-source and I've been trying and failing to contact the original developer for over two years -- so I figure I might as well try to solve it myself. However, I don't have a Java development environment set up for building Spigot plugins and I'm not sure how to get started.