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House repairs and lack of closer social contact

Entry for August 21st, 2021

I've been sharing my posts to Sudo Haiku, and usually type up the text I put there in Visual Studio Code. This is the entry title that GitHub Copilot suggested for today's entry:


"The world is in chaos"

House repairs

I didn't do a whole lot today -- but I did get some stuff done near the end of the day. I borrowed my parent's stepladder to work on replacing some of the gutter spikes that came out (this is still unfinished; the bugs have been out in full force over the past few days). I'll keep working on it -- it's proving a bit difficult to reach the middle section as my bushes are very overgrown.


Loneliness, a recurring theme in my life, has once again made itself known to me today. I've been trying to go places to meet new people, and have met some nice folks so far. But I'm still lacking in the "friends who live within driving distance" department. See also: my love life [page does not exist].

Additional stressors: finances, getting behind on my blog posts (ahem), and my own mortality.

Found my old Pokémon GBA games

I found my old Pokémon GBA games in my nightstand drawer. I knew they were in there, but I put some additional thought to them today. I think I might try to see if I can get them running somehow, despite the fact that I lost track of my GBA many moons ago.