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Played around with Minecraft for a while

Entry for August 16th, 2021


I've started playing around a bit with Minecraft again. It's kind of a time sink so I usually try not to play for very long.

I didn't get much else done today. Here's some things I've built in Minecraft:

Mine Ops Aquatic Center

It's a fishing farm where several people can get together and fish for food and loot.


Mine Ops

Mine Ops started because I was tired of running out of materials. It took several months to dig out this area.


Mount Oswalt

Mount Oswalt, named after one John Oswalt (a man I admire), is home to a vast jungle, a little jungle city, a giant gold farm and a place called the Repository: where there are five double chests dedicated to each and every item in the game. There are additional levels planned, and it's also home to a large automatic smelter, several farms and factories, and a transportation hub.