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My car's brand new rotor snapped in half at high speeds

Holy cow!

Luckily I didn't crash. Have you ever seen a rotor break like this?? It was very alarming. My brake caused my car to veer into the right lane because the left one didn't work (obviously) and it pivoted around the right one. 

Thankfully someone at campmeeting helped me figure out what happened and get it fixed up. ♡

Sermon notes

A message on one part of the Lord's Prayer

- Forgive us our sins *as* we forgive our debtors

- Book mentioned: "There's No Future Without Forgiveness"

- Reference: John 17:20-21 (Jesus Prays for All Believers)

- Just *as*...

- In the Father and Son there is no time and no space: the Trinity existed before time and space and will exist beyond time and beyond space

- God: F, S, HS exists in unity: nothing stands between them

- This is the model of forgiveness: "nothing stands between us"

- Matthew 26: Garden of Gethsemane

- Despite his internal agony, the unity of the Trinity is not broken

- "Yet, not as I will, but as you will" (Mat 26:39)

- Back to John 17:21

- "That they may be one, Father, just *as* you are in me and I am in you" (let the perfect unity of the Trinity be displayed in all believers)

- What does it mean when the air between us is not clear? (Or, dirty air)

- Clear: There's nothing that stands in between you and I

We Can Be One

"It's a kingdom expectation" (?)

- **Forgiveness is the mechanism by which the air is made clean**

- and have nothing between you and another

- and have nothing between you and the Father

- "Forgive, and be forgiven."

- (Missed the verse number) "If you're at the altar and remember that there's something broken between you and another, leave your gift at the altar and go make things right between you and them"

Clear the Air

- "Forgive me....can we clear the air?"

- Matthew 18:15-17

- Mat. 18:21 - The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

- Give and receive forgiveness equally

- Clear the air.

- Find the people with which you have unresolved troubles and ask for forgiveness