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Felt like I wasted my day (mostly)

Waking up from my nap, that was fun


My head popped off my pillow, "Oh no"


"I had all day to do productive things and did nothing"

Language lessons

I didn't waste the whole day, but I wanted to go back to Eaton Rapids and just.. didn't. Not sure why. But I did reinstall Duolingo to try to continue learning Japanese. To my pleasant surprise, I kept all my old progress and seem to have retained a great deal of what I learned previously in my head. Of course, developing a Japanese website and extensively researching Hatena has helped a bit.


So far so good. I have to do this if I have any shot at getting hired by Hatena (this is a a pipe dream of mine that I've mentioned before. I've had it for a long time, though if the estimated pay on the Hatena careers site is accurate, it would be a significant pay cut.)

More than that, though, I've made several new friends lately and I want to be able to dispense with Google Translate when talking with them. 


I'm going to campmeeting tomorrow. I'm going to catch up with everyone and try to reconnect as much as I can. I'm really looking forward to evening service and getting to hear the message.