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Thinking about redesigning my blog, and some cable management

Web design

I kinda avoid updating the design of my blog, but mostly because it's very difficult to use Hatena Blog's built-in theme editor. You have to click to expand it and you lose your place whenever you want to click out. The most efficient way seems to be to make your edits in a separate editor and then paste them in, but it's still difficult.

I've thought several times before about writing my own layout system and just using it instead of Hatena Blog's built-in thing, but I haven't really had the time to figure that out.


I went back to the Children's Center at Eaton Rapids Campmeeting today with a bunch of Velcro cable wraps and some cables and organized the AV equipment. I was asked to troubleshoot but I wanted to go above and beyond.





Ta-da! 🎉