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Sat in my chair writing code most of the day


I did a lot of cleanup and whatnot, and added some basic automatic theming. I set up an image proxy in order to safely let people include external images.


I fixed various issues with uploading to Fotolife

I fixed timeago with an ugly nasty hack that I hate but now it shows properly in Japanese.

I added infinite scrollback.

I fixed an issue with the Hatena Blog Tag integration.

I fixed a lot of layout issues.

I fixed a race condition involving the entry feed load method (while adding infinite scrollback)

Once again, I completely reimplemented the Hatena Star widget. Unfortunately Hatena does not seem keen to accept my CSS to fix the mobile star add widget, so it's still broken on mobile if you want to add a purple star.

First one is with my CSS changes, second one is without.

f:id:austinburk:20210610142051p:plain fixes · GitHub



Someone came to my door trying to sell me books. Something about making the world a better place and "donating to the community", but I think he was just trying to clear out a bunch of old books of his. It was awkward.


I forgot to eat lunch and dinner again.


I made my bed, so at least that's something. I also washed a lot of dishes and put them away.


I am very worried that people will not like the new site. I just want to make a place where people can feel at home.