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Is this my new home..?

I'm moving into a new place (with less expensive rent) and it's already proving nicer than my old place. It has a dishwasher, too! I took over the lease from an ex-colleague who moved out to start his own business; the lease lasts through May of 2019.


I'm still working on moving, so there's a lot of boxes..





Technically, this is my new home, though it doesn't feel like it yet. The strange thing is, neither did my old apartment.


I have a sense of wanting to go someplace new, someplace beautiful. I am thankful for my current job, but I feel ready to move on to something different from a customer-facing system administrator (aka support technician).


I want to build and design new applications, and develop my skills. I want to do security research, and a lot of other things. I want to support the growth of artists and animators, as well. I can do most anything when I put my heart into it.


But right now I don't feel like where I am is the place I need to be. That, I suppose, is why I don't feel at home yet.


The important thing is that I treat my living space as my home. It needs to be a place I can look forward to going to at the end of the day; a place of rest and refuge.


At the end of the day, wherever God wants me to be, I'll do my best to honor Him by serving my employer to my absolute utmost ability, and do so with humility.