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What's for dinner, February 22nd.

I made dinner today.
Thank you id:hatenalunch for the idea of onion corn chowder.
The meal
Onion corn chowder

I made a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, a little celery, and homemade croutons. I didn't have any croutons, so I decided to experiment: I mixed one tablespoon of butter with a pinch of garlic and spread it on a slice of bread, which I cut into little cubes and toasted. It turned out well.

The chowder was good. I diced up some russet potatoes and sliced up onion, celery, and mixed with creamed corn and regular corn, along with some milk. It was quite tasty.

I also added some bread and slices of melon.


My brother, sister, and mom enjoyed it as well. My brother helped with the salad.