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Apology to Hatena Haiku

We all make bad choices from time to time, and sometimes we make choices that are simply stupid. I have made such a choice by deciding to try to get people to use Hatena services :(


I like Hatena Haiku and I'm sorry that I messed up by trying to get people's attention like that. I deleted the original post right after I created it but it was too late.


I'm really, really sorry. Please do not hold a grudge against me for a long time. If there is any way for me to redeem myself, please make it known to me.


If you got the email then please delete it - do not reply to it.
あなたは電子メールを得た場合、それを削除してください - それには返信しない。

I feel like I have thrown away any chance of Hatena Co. being proud of what I have done. I have aspired to make them proud but now I have made a choice which will undo all of that. I carry great shame in that.


I'm sorry.