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Announcing the Sudomemo 3DFlipnote Tool!

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: 
I'm proud to announce the Sudomemo 3DFlipnote Tool!
It can be found here: 
We've been working hard on figuring out the Flipnote Studio 3D Flipnote format! 
While we haven't decoded the images yet, what we do have:
- A large chunk of the 3DFlipnote metadata
- (Experimentally) decoded background music (we'll add sound effects to that sometime)
- Usernames for the original, parent, and current creator
- 3DFlipnote Studio ID (3FSIDs) for the first, parent, and current creator
- Length of BGM, SFX1-4

What we hope to add:

- The 3FSIDs for every creator who has a frame in the Flipnote (I suspect they added this to combat the copy-frame-by-frame Flipnote theft)
- What is possibly the total time, in minutes, spent editing the Flipnote
- Perfectly decoded sound, and all four sound effects with usage
- Quite soon, you will be able to download the uploaded KWZ from the website.
- Decoded images for every frame
- Exportable GIFs
- Heck, exportable AVIs!
- aaaaand lots of stuff we don't know about yet!

We're currently decoding the audio as Pika ADPCM, sampled at 16kHz. It isn't quite perfect yet.

The 3DFlipnotes are kept on the server. When you upload a 3DFlipnote, you are contributing to the Sudomemo 3DFlipnote Tool. You can permalink to the results. 

Feel free to get excited!

If you have a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, feel free to leave a comment! We could use the help.


id:hatena - I dream of impressing you and making you guys proud..somehow..

3DFlipnote - a Flipnote made in Flipnote Studio 3D; stored as the .kwz files.
(Not to be confused with Flipnotes, made in Flipnote Studio for DSi, stored as .ppm files)
3FSID - 3DFlipnote Studio ID, a 18-character hexadecimal ID, 
(not to be confused with FSIDs, which are 16-character hexadecimal IDs used in Flipnote Studio for DSi)

Metadata - information that has to do with a file, such as author, time modified, and so on.

Pika ADPCM, 16kHz - Essentially VOX ADPCM, with the nybbles reversed. Sampled at 16kHz:
(sox -t ima -N -r 16k input output)