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generic company lunch

This is the food they have at my work everyday. It grows old quickly. I just buy sandwich materials and make sandwiches every day instead.

Stuck At the End of Time

"Are you ready?" They stood upon the cracked and mossy pavement, the ceiling miles above them rumbling as chunks of bright blue rock and cement began crumbling down around the cavern. Thunderous crashes from miles around came as the world …


A story of two dreamers

A young man began having a dream on a dark, cold winter night. In it, he met a girl with no name, who brought him along on a wonderful adventure through places unexplored and paths uncharted within the dream realm. He did not know her name…

Setup: Debugging Mackerel with Fiddler

Hello! Today I'd like to introduce what I've used to understand how Mackerel communications work with the Mackerel API. It's actually really simple, thanks to the flexibility of mackerel-agent's configuration. First, I set up Fiddler Web D…

Earthquake in Japan, as seen in the USA

Here is some information about the recent earthquake in Japan. Before I start, please observe the follow for the sake of your neighbors: I pray that you all stay safe. Prepare food and water, but do not forget to be kind to each other. The…



CQ, 私はKD8OUYです

"CQ、私はKD8OUYです。ミシガンアメリカ出身です。日本語が話せません、英語がはなせます。おはようございます!" I'm hoping to meet some amateur radio operators in Japan. My Japanese isn't very good though (yet!) The screenshot is of a program ca…