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Hurricane Ida came swiftly and decisively. I played a small part in helping some people I know there

Hurricane Ida came swiftly in the morning, slamming into Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane. Terrebonne Parish and surrounding areas lost power early on; I didn't know if my friend had evacuated or not until sometime later in the day -- they'd moved to a town just outside of the storm's path.

After I'd confirmed that my friend was safe, I started tracking the storm and watching for updates from stormchasers who were livestreaming onto YouTube. Reed Timmer was the one I eventually settled on due to him being right in Houma, LA during when the storm eye hit. When his YouTube stream started dropping out, his Facebook one kept going so I quickly spun up a restream onto my YouTube channel to give people who didn't use Facebook a place to keep watching. During that time, I moderated the chat so as not to permit any politics/conspiracy junk and organized information exchanges between people to check on damage and flooding across various places.

I know a few relatives of my aforementioned friend. Even though mobile service sort-of remained, LTE data was hard to come by and I became the only link that they had to important information about conditions, flooding, and damage. I was pulling in info and sending it to them for most of the rest of the evening.

Disappointment... didn't get to play with my friend

Entry for August 28th, 2021

Unfortunately, my friend wasn't able to join me in the morning. I waited for a while and eventually, about 5-6 hours later, found out that they wouldn't be able to do it. We made tentative plans for next Saturday, instead. I was really disappointed since I'd made my favorite snacks and gotten everything all set up and was really looking forward to spending that time with them. But I get it...things happen.

One of my friends has a small Minecraft server that is rarely up. I offered to host it for them, which I set up, along with a silly little website that I made to suit their aesthetic and a dynamic worldmap.

I also spent some time helping a friend of mine get ready to evacuate because of Hurricane Ida, which is making landfall down in Louisiana on Sunday

Getting ready to race a Pokémon game with a friend tomorrow!

Entry for August 27th, 2021

I'm getting ready to spend Saturday morning racing Pokemon Red/Blue with a friend! This is a very close friend of mine. I have the 3DS Virtual Console version of Pokemon Blue downloaded onto my capture-card 3DS so I'm really excited. I downloaded a split-timing program too -- I don't really plan on trying to speedrun it per se... but every streamer worth their salt has a split timer on the side so I guess I'd better do it too.

We also spent some time working through some math/science work late into the night. Woohoo x)

Thoughts on advertising Sudo Haiku?

Entry for August 26th, 2021

I've been working on trying to figure out if there's a way that I can advertise Sudo Haiku to old Hatena Haiku users, but it's not going too quickly.

Unfortunately, I don't really have any money to pay to advertise it.

I did a little Minecraft today as well, but I'm losing my motivation to actually do anything in the game. I built a small item sorter.