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I ran OS X in a virtual machine


I can't afford to buy my own Mac, so in order to fix a lot of annoying Safari bugs, I spent a while getting OS X to run in VirtualBox. Unfortunately, the USB ports on my computer don't work, so I couldn't do remote debugging on my old iPhone. However, Safari on OS X allowed me to find and fix many bugs.


I wrote more code today. I improved user safety controls on the thing I'm working on.


The wedding is tomorrow. I had to put the bed cover back onto my truck, which was difficult for one person to do. My mom wants me to help move stuff over with my truck.


My stolen mower has not been recovered. It's been almost three weeks.

Hatena Star

I proposed fixes to Hatena Star's mobile colorpalette, but I have never had very much luck getting Hatena to accept any suggested changes. If they were accepted, Hatena Star on mobile would be able to show the purple star button correctly, which it doesn't consistently do at this time.

If my changes were accepted, I would be able to do this (show a template when a user does not have any of one type of star):


I am adjusting the opacity of the palette inside the iframe in this gif to show how they line up properly. It works because the iframe'd document has no background color, so I can show my 'stencil' underneath.


I forgot to eat dinner today due to working on code and preparing for my sister's wedding.


I am worried that my project will not be well-received or that people will not use it. I am doing my best to make it work very well.

I got a new pair of glasses


I actually got them yesterday but forgot to mention it. They have the same frame as my old ones, but everything is amazingly crystal-clear and I don't have to take them off to read anymore.


Today for the project I'm working on a settings page and added an accessibility setting to enable furigana.

I can't seem to focus on anything but this project — it's getting very close to being ready. I want to make it really good. I'm worried that nobody will use it, but I'm still hopeful.


I'm a bit stressed about my sister's wedding which is on Friday. There's a lot of work that goes into getting ready for a wedding.


My stolen lawnmower still has not been recovered.

Hatena API

I discovered a new Hatena API endpoint today that I had not previously documented. However, it doesn't provide any information that was not already provided by other endpoints.



A box of Goldfish crackers, my new curtains, and a set of cookie/biscuit cutters for my kitchen.



Green peas and pork chop

First day of June


I wrote a lot of code today after I got out from work. I've been learning a lot about design patterns in Vue.js as well as with the Laravel MVC pattern (using Lumen)


Flipnote Hatena closed yesterday, 8 years ago.




It's going to get very hot later this week, I hear.


Feelings of deep loneliness have suddenly returned. It makes it difficult to sleep. I've ordered blackout curtains from Amazon, and I hope it will help.


I'm going to go for a walk after posting this entry.

hagex's website

The blogger id:hagex was murdered by a coward.

He was thus not able to renew his domain names. I tried to acquire them recently so that I could preserve them and fix the images on his blog which have broken, and then perhaps transfer it to his family at no cost.



After much searching, I found the company controlling them. However, they wanted a large amount of money (if I remember correctly, ~$12,000, or ~1,332,342 JPY) for the domain, which I found distasteful (and which I cannot spend). This price was given after the background of my request was explained, so it was not made in ignorance of Hagex's murder.